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Don’t Miss These Favorite Activities at Thanksgiving Point

Don’t miss out on Thanksgiving Point! Their magical Butterfly Biosphere, numerous exhibits, and beautiful gardens transform each season and create an immersive experience sure to please! Founded in 1995 by the Ashton Family from funds obtained from the sale of Word Perfect, a software company, the family planned to build a community garden and farm experience. They named it Thanksgiving Point as an expression of gratitude. The opportunities to enjoy Thanksgiving Point are endless. Let’s review some of what there is to do!

Family Fun on the Curtis Creek ATV Trail | Advertures with Quadman | My Local Utah

Family Fun on the Curtis Creek ATV Trail | Adventures with Quadman

Of all the trailheads on the Shoshone ATV Trail System, Curtis Creek is closest to home. Being a little lower in elevation than some of the other mountain trails, we hoped it would be clear of snow. Last week, I talked about the fun-o-meter. On this ride, there were three – one shared by me and my son, one for his wife and their daughter, and one for my wife.

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Exploring The Mineral Mountains on an AVT | Adventures with Quadman | My Local Utah

Exploring the Mineral Mountains on an ATV | Adventures with Quadman

This new event had all the markings of a jamboree without the gatherings for meals and prizes. It was an invitation to come to Beaver, enjoy the local culture, and participate in rides with guides provided by the ATV club at no charge. Not knowing much about these trails, I called my friend, Dave Newton of Layton, and we headed for Beaver.

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